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    The Benefits of Vaping over Traditional Cigarettes

    The Benefits of Vaping over Traditional Cigarettes

    This entry was posted on October 17, 2016 by Vape & Chill.

    If you haven’t tried vaping yourself then you’re almost certain to have seen others using e-cigarettes. The rise of vaping as an alternative to smoking has been rapid – especially so in the last four years in the UK.

    Today the anti-smoking group Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) believe there are around 2.8 million vapers in the UK. That number is a fourfold increase on the figures from 2012. And by 2020
    it is estimated that vapers will outnumber traditional tobacco smokers.


    So what benefits are people finding in vaping as opposed to traditional cigarettes or cigars? Well, for a start there are health benefits that can’t be questioned. It’s true that the effects of long-term vaping are not yet known. But compared to traditional smoking the risks of vaping are much reduced.

    In fact, an official report released in 2015 by Public Health England suggested that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. There are no harmful carcinogens like tar and carbon monoxide in an e-cigarette that can cause lung and throat cancer.

    The study by Professors from Queen Mary University and King’s College in London also recommended using vaping as an aid to help people give up smoking for good. And that’s another huge benefit of moving to vaping. Many of the 2.8 million now using e-cigarettes are former smokers.

    They get the same hit of nicotine from vaping, only without the more dangerous substances from a tobacco cigarette. Organisations like Fresh Smoke Free North East are already promoting the health benefits of vaping to those looking to pack up cigarettes for good.

    Then there are major cost savings. Smoking is reckoned to cost something in the region of £3,000 a year for those who smoke 20 a day. Compare that to the costs of vaping which come in at around £40 for a starter kit then less than £30 a month for refills of e-liquid.

    There’s pleasure to be had, too, with vaping. The flavourings added to the e-liquid make for an appealing hit of menthol, strawberries, vanilla, cherry, or chocolate. In fact, there are hundreds of vaping flavours to pick and choose from. Many former smokers who move onto vaping and then try cigarettes again remark on how abhorrent the flavour of tobacco is.

    You’ll find yourself more social, too, as a vaper. Few people like to be around a smoker when they’re lighting up, especially as second hand smoke is known to kill over 10,000 people a year according to Cancer Research UK. As a vaper you’ll find you won’t be abandoned by friends each time you need a hit. You can even vape in many pubs.

    Why has Vaping become so Popular?

    Why has Vaping become so Popular?

    This entry was posted on October 30, 2016 by Vape & Chill.

    Vaping has become commonplace in the UK. Within a few years’ experts think we’ll see more vapers than smokers of tobacco cigarettes and cigars. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) reckon there are 2.8 million vapers in the UK in 2016, a rise from only 700,000 four years previously.


    That represents a fairly extraordinary boom in e-cigarette use. Consider, too, that vaping was only invented in 2003. There was a similar idea patented back in the 1960s, but the modern form of vaping we know was developed in China by the pharmacist Hon Lik. He started selling in 2004 and vaping reached Europe at the end of the last decade.

    So what’s been behind the growth of vaping? To answer that we have to remember two things: firstly, that the dangers of traditional cigarette smoking have been well-known for many decades now. And secondly, that people have been trying all manner of methods to quit their smoking habit permanently for even longer.

    Vaping has come as a huge help to those trying to kick the habit. See, they still get the hit of nicotine they need from the e-cigarette. But now as they aren’t inhaling the burning tobacco there are no noxious carcinogens like tar or carbon monoxide.

    True, we don’t yet know the long-term effect of vaping and nicotine is a toxin itself. But the health risks are minor compared with the dangers of smoking. It’s no surprise then that many of the vapers in the ASH survey are former smokers who use vaping to get themselves off the fags.

    Plenty of leading health bodies are even suggesting vaping be used to help smokers. The likes of the UK Health Council, Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England all agree that e-cigarettes are the most effective method we currently have for stopping smoking.

    And not only are people turning to vaping for the health benefits. Plenty of vapers use cigarettes as well as vaping. It’s a case for some of vaping when out and about in company, and perhaps smoking cigarettes when alone.

    Vaping doesn’t leave the room smelling of smoke and give things that yellow tinge. So it’s ideal for getting a nicotine hit indoors at home when you don’t want to head outside into the cold winter air and leave the comfort of your living room. Or if you’re in some pubs and restaurants where smoking is banned you can use an e-cigarette when you need a hit.

    And then there are flavours. You can vape just about any flavour of e-liquid these days. Plenty of research and development has gone into developing great tasting vapours like mint, vanilla, and strawberry. It’s regarded as a big plus for smokers tired of the taste of tobacco.